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Workshop presentations


Karin Metzlaff

Theme 1: Mechanisms controlling plant growth under normal conditions

Central metabolism (Mark Stitt)

Cell Cycle (Dirk Inzé)

Photosynthesis (Christophe Peterhänsel)

Rice (Xing Wang Deng)

Theme 2: Stress tolerance

Drought stress (Chiara tonelli)

Plant senescence (Vicky Buchanan-Wollaston)

Nitrogen use efficiency (Bertrand Hirel)

Phosphate (Javier Paz-Ares)

Shade avoidance (Ida Ruberti)

Theme 3: What can biodiversity teach us ?

Heterosis (Avi Levy)


Wheat Breeding (Andreas Börner)

Theme 4: Improving crop productivity: what has been achieved and what is needed? An academia perspective

Corn (Michele Morgante)

Triticeae (Peter Langridge)

Systems biology as an approach (Jim Beynon)


Theme 5: Crop productivity from an industry perpective - How to translate basic findings to improve crop productivity?

Syngenta (Gerhard Steinrücken)

Bayer (Michael Metzlaff)

Nestlé (Pierre Broun)

BASF (Jurgen Logemann)

BIOGEMMA (Pascual Perez)

Monsanto (Jacqueline Heard)

Mendel (Peter Repetti)



Presentations are available upon request

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