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Workshop on Plant Phenotyping, Jülich, Germany, 2-3 November 2009

The aim of the EPSO workshop “Plant Phenotyping” held in Julich, 2-3 November 2009 was to integrate research in this field in Europe and promote plant science relevant to this area of research. The main outcome of the workshop is EPSO White paper on ‘Plant Phenotyping’, 29.6.2010.

Venue: Jülich, Germany

Organising committee: Ulrich Schurr (Forschungszentrum Julich, Germany)


White paper: Click here
Pictures: Click here

Outline of the workshop
Phenotyping links genomics with the performance of plants in the interaction with environmental cues. Recent developments concentrated on plant phenomics as an emerging field that develops and provides tools such as (i) technologies to characterize plant performance and the dynamics of plant structures and functions, (ii) high thoughput techniques allowing to subject plants to desired environmental scenarios, including (iii) novel field techniques based on proxi-identification.

This interdisciplinary workshop aimed at exploring options to develop a network for medium and high throughput screening of model plants and plants of agricultural significance to understand gene function, environment response and develop new agricultural traits especially in the field of growth, resource use efficiency, transport and composition. In this workshop researchers with significant technical expertise to develop efficient phenotyping methods and groups possessing large genomic material for exemplary screening were brought together. Interaction between academia and industry, lab-based and field-oriented research and technology- and question-driven scientists was given a significant emphasis.

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