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- Markwart Kunz
- Ricardo Serra Arias
- Wilhelm Gruissem

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Launch of the

Strategic Research Agenda of the
“Plants for the Future”
European Technology Platform

Monday, 25 June 2007, European Parliament

The launch of the “Plants for the Future” European Technology Platform (ETP) Strategic research Agenda took place at the following event in the European Parliament:


 “Plant technology may contribute to Europe’s main societal challenges“

Monday, 25 June 2007 at 12.30pm
European Parliament, Brussels


Welcome by the Host

Giles Chichester, MEP – Welcome and open discussion


During the lunch there will be four expert speeches on:


 - The EC perspective -

Kurt Vandenberghe, Deputy Head of  Cabinet Potočnik


- Bioenergy crops -

Markwart Kunz, Member of the Board Suedzucker AG


- Plants, agriculture and environment -

Ricardo Serra Arias, former Vice-President of COPA


- Frontiers of Science, blue sky research -

Wilhelm Gruissem, President European Plant Science Organisation

(Participation upon invitation only)


The ETP “Plants for the Future” was officially launched by Commissioner Busquin in June 2004 with the publication of the Vision 2025 at a Press Conference in Brussels.

The “Plants for the Future” ETP consists of members from three Stakeholder groups: Industry, Academia and Farmer Organisations. Its secretariat is located in Brussels and coordinated by Dr. Karin Metzlaff, Executive Director of the European Plant Science Organisation.

The Stakeholder Proposal for a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) outlines the major steps to take to reach the 20 year Vision for Europe. It was launched at a Press Conference in Strasbourg in July 2005 with speeches by Mr Potočnik and Mr Chichester.

A broad consultation on the proposed SRA with Member States (19), members of the European Parliament and the European Commission took place in 2005 / 2006.


Based on the results of the consultations, the Plant ETP has now produced a final Strategic Research Agenda to be launched on the 25th June in the European Parliament. It identifies five challenges for Europe to which the plant sector can contribute in the future:

·         Healthy, safe and sufficient food and feed

·         Plant based products: chemicals and bioenergy

·         Sustainable agriculture, forestry and landscape

·         Vibrant and competitive basic research

·         Consumer choice and governance


For more information on the Technology Platform click here.



Markwart Kunz              -picture




Ricardo Serra Arias       -picture




Wilhelm Gruissem         -picture




Kurt Vandenberghe       -picture  



Giles Chichester            -picture




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