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Towards Innovation-Driven Agriculture WoGr

Towards Innovation-Driven Agriculture - lead Ulrich Schurr

Next activities: Briefing, approach policy makers at European and national levels
Zoltan Bedo, EUCARPIA
Karin Ellermann-Kuegler, Association of German Agricultural Chambers, BRU
Pat Heslop-Harrison, for SEB under MoU
Heribert Hirt, INRA, FR
Lubomir Natr, for CZ society under MoU
Fernando Ponz, INIA, ES
John R Porter, for SPPS under MoU
Johan Sanders, WUR, NL
Uli Schurr, Phytosphere Julich, DE
Uwe Sonnewald, for DBG under MoU
Chiara Tonelli, Univ Milano, IT
Roberto Tuberosa, Univ Bologna, IT
Ernst van den Ende, PRI, NL
Richard Visser, WUR, NL

European agriculture faces significant challenges. It will be part of the solutions on global issues like the nutrition of a globally developing population, the raw material and energy crisis, while it is at the same time challenged by climate and demographic changes. European agriculture acts in the arena of global economy and responsibility as well as in its central role for economy, ecology and society in the European regions. These challenges will only be mastered with significant boosting of research and innovation.

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Currently, existing activities in agriculture-oriented research and innovation are far below those necessary to address the challenges and a significant gap exists between knowledge generation in the bio- and agricultural sciences and its transfer into agricultural practice. This gap hinders the vital boost of innovation in European agricultural systems to make them fit for future economic, ecological and social conditions.

Overcoming this structural problem requires actions that bring research and innovation in the focus of European agriculture with significant financial incentives and systemic changes that motivate providing relevant knowledge and its implementation. EPSO has established a workgroup on “Innovation-Driven Agriculture” to discuss options to boost research and innovation for European agriculture. 

Additional members and contributions are always welcome.


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