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Thursday 2 September, 2010


Plant ETP Workshop; Plants for the future

Chairs: Ulrich Schurr, Julich, DE and Karin Metzlaff, Brussels, BE

As explained in the workshop, we invite you now to send us input to the Research Action Plan for the coming 3-7 years.

  • Which research areas / topics are the bottlenecks to be addressed?
  • Why are these most urgent?
  • To which challenge and goal in the Strategic Research Agenda do they correspond? 

Please send us first input before 10 October, 2010, as we have a meeting thereafter for which your replies would be most helpful.

Let us know if you / colleague would like as an expert to be more involved in:

1. The work of the Plant ETP :

  • in a workshop to further work on the Research Action Plan (early 2011)
  • in developing the Innovation and Education Action Plans (2011)
  • in (further) developing the National Technology Platform in your country (ongoing)

2. similar actions of other ETPs throughout EPSO:

  • Forestry Based Sector ETP
  • Food for Life ETP
  • Sustainable Chemistry ETP
  • Biofuel ETP
  • Farm Animal Breeding ETP
  • Innovative Medicine Joint Technology Initiative

You request here the presentation we gave at this workshop.

Please send us your replies before 31 October (to Research Action Plan if possible before 13 October) . Karin and Uli look forward to your input.

The conference science session was opened by Karin, and Uli presented an introduction to the ETPs involved in the Workshop. He also introduced BECOTEPS as the umbrella platform for all of the involved ETPs in order to come up with a joint strategy to address the Grand Challenges ahead. He also stressed the need for basic education - of 'biology in society', and to use the member states to all work in the same direction. To this end, Uli mentioned the Outreach and Education Workshop and requested that interaction examples of 'science and the public' should be sent on to EPSO to collect and display on a newly created section of the website. He was followed by Paul Bekkers from ESF and a presentation was shown detailing links to funding opportunities for this work - and other research related projects. Shivaji Pandey was then called upon to finish the session and encourage everyone to think beyond europe and use the knowledge and technology that we have. Europe is seen as the 'voice of reason' he said - and we should collaborate and share with the world.

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