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7th EPSO Conference Science Policy Session Presentations

Presentation of Heribert Hirt, INRA, Evry, FR, President of the European Plant Science Organisation

"Plant Sciences Research Priorities in the 21st Century"


Presentation of Nikiforos Sivenas, Brussels, BE, Principal Advisor to the Director General, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission

"Agricultural Research and Innovation under HORIZON 2020 and EIP"


Presentation of Juli Mylona, Brussels, BE, Directorate FAFB, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission

"Bioconomy - plant science and agriculture. Future funding under Horizon 2020"


Presentation of Peter Hedden, Rothamsted Research, UK, Deputy Chair, ERC LS9 panel for Starting Grants

"ERC support for life sciences - An opportunity for the plant science research community in Europe"


Presentation of Wilhelm Gruissem, Zurich, CH, President of the Global Plant Council

"Global Plant Council: A coalition of plant and crop societies across the globe, Global needs and contributions from plant science"


All presentations are available upon request

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