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Quarterly image competition

EPSO would like to feature your images on our new website. We know you have hidden talents, so why not let our other members see them too? We offer you maximum exposure for images that highlight you and your interests and also capture the spirit of EPSO and the importance of plant science and plant technology.

We are offering the following prizes for the best
images: 1st Prize €200; 2nd Prize €100 and 3rd Prize €50.

The prize winning images should show any or all of the following traits: the work of plant scientists; the importance of plants; it is attractive!

We would like all submissions to be available for the EPSO online gallery and for publications. Together with the images we also require details of who, where, and when it was taken, and of course, the contributor retains copyright in the image but allows EPSO to freely use it with due credit given to the originator. Images should be of medium to high resolution (less than 1MB preferably) and in JPEG (.jpg) file type.

Need inspiration? What does plant science mean to you? How do plants affect the way in which we live and work? What importance do plants play in natural cycles? Modern technology?

Images may be, for example, close–ups at unusual angles, panoramic, microscopic, of common or specialised subject, of natural or technological subject. The scope is wide!

The competition will take place quarterly each year - the next cut off date for submission will be 31 December 2010. However, please regularly check for details here.

We look forward to seeing the world of plant science through your eyes. Contact: EPSO

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