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Session I & II

C Spillane, EPSO

G Wall, FAO

T Hall, European Comission

A Maru, GFAR

K Dashiell, IITA

P Petithuguenin, EIARD

H S Gupta, Indian Agriiculture Research Institute

C Herok, Federal Ministry for Education & Research Germany

H Perales, Colegio de la Frontera Sur Mexico


Session III

K Metzlaff, EPSO

S Padulosi, Biodiversity International, Italy

E Rodriguez-Cerezo, Joint Research Centre, EU

S Van Opstal, ERA-ARD

Session IV & V

J Mulila-Mitti, FAO

JC Glaszman, CIRAD

Cassava Value Chain WoGr

Maize and Associated Legume Crops WoGr

Underutilised Fruit and Vegetable Crops WoGr

Presentations are available upon request



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