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'Plants for the Future' - European Technology Platform


Plants for the Future
The European Technology Platform (ETP) 'Plants for the Future' is a stakeholder forum for the plant sector, including plant genomics and biotechnology, that was initiated by the European Commission in 2003. It provides a 20-year vision and a short-, medium- and long-term Strategic Research Agenda for Europe’s plant sector setting out a consensus on the research needed to fulfil the vision.

Its members come from industry, farmer organisations, academia and other stakeholder groups. It was supported by the European Commission via a Specific Support Action under FP6 until July 2007 and the major public and private stakeholders in the field. Since April 2008, the Plant ETP is a membership based ETP where all members agreed on the aim, main tasks, structure and budget (including their own contributions) of the ETP for a three year period (2008-2010).

The next step forward
The Plant ETP is in the implementation phase. It's members are developing Action Plans for Research, Innovation and Education. Regarding research, Plant ETP will work with a focus on promoting and advocating strategic research and internationally competitive research.

In addition, EPSO - on behalf of Plant ETP - participates in European projects that develop research strategies for the future, such as the BECOTEPS project (jointly with 8 other ETPs on Bioeconomy) and the STAR-Colibri project (jointly with 4 other ETPs on Biorefineries).

The structure of the Plant ETP consists of a Steering Council, an Executive Committee, a Coordinator and short term task forces.

The Plant ETP has produced a Strategic Research Agenda. The final version was launched at the European Parliament in June 2007.

The SRA identifies five challenges for Europe’s society and economy to which the plant sector can contribute:

  • Healthy, safe and sufficient food and feed
  • Plant-based products – chemicals and energy
  • Sustainable agriculture, forestry and landscape
  • Vibrant and competitive basic research
  • Consumer choice and governance

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