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Opening Day - Sunday 29th August, 2010

Opening and Keynote

Chairs: Karin Metzlaff and Kirsi-Marja Oksman-Caldentey    

Karin and Kirsi were equally thrilled to finally open the 5th EPSO Conference in Finland - especially after the earlier cancellation of the conference due the 'forces of nature' in April - the volcanic ash cloud. They were delighted that so many participants were attending a very exciting programme of presentations. They welcomed everyone to the opening session speakers and the keynote speaker.

  • Leena Mannonen -  Commercial Councillor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, FI. Presentation

Opening on behalf of the Finnish plant science community and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Leena highlighted the Ministry’s gene Technology Strategy 2009-2013 which encourages constructive public debate and stated that she was looking forward to lively discussion and debate concerning the agricultural challenges particularly in Finland.

  • Eero Vuorio - Director Biocenter Finland. Presentation

Biocenter Finland - a unique solution towards development of nation-wide technology platforms and research infrastructures.

Eero opened his talk with greetings from the life sciences in Finland. He explained the aims and purposes of the new Finnish Biocenter where equipment, core facilities and research training is offered to all researchers - with the underlying principle that the Center is a technology orientated infrastructure - not distinguished by discipline. There is joint agreement on the organisation and responsibilities, thus avoiding overlap of investments. 

  • Jonathan Jones - Professor at the Sainsbury Laboratory, UK.

Keynote: Understanding defence mechanisms and enhancing crop disease resistance.

Jonathan's presentation opened by questioning why and how we can reduce crop losses through disease. He gave an overview of historical crop losses and suggested that the future lies in genetic intervention which requires sound knowledge - whereby moving the right genes - we can engineer resistance in many crops.



Following the Keynote speaker participants were treated to NatureGate's wonderful presentation on their brilliant online plant identification site (includes other organisms too). Their site is offered in many different languages and they are looking for partners to forward the excellent work they have pioneered. Please visit their website.


Presentations are available upon request

Welcome buffet dinner

Images from the Welcome buffet dinner at Olos Restaurant


Wilhelm Gruissem, President of EPSO  warmly welcomed everyone to the Conference and Welcome Buffet prior to the local shaman engaging the participants with Finnish folklore.

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