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EPSO News, the EPSO newsletter, contains the latest news and views of interest to the European Plant Science community.

EPSO News: Complete newsletter - restricted to EPSO members

If your institute is already a member of EPSO, you can register for free as a Personal Member to access the complete EPSO Newsletter.

Anyone can register as a Personal Member for a small fee.

EPSO News: 2 page extracts of last 12 months - Public Access

EPSO News: Complete newsletter of year before last

An archive of all our Newsletters is available in the Members Section. In this section you will also find Funding Briefings, all National Profiles, our Fact Collection, and much more.

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EPSO is an independent academic organisation currently representing 61 institutional members bringing together more than 204 research institutes, departments and universities from 29 countries in Europe and beyond.