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EPSO Funding Toolkit

Interested in European Funding?  We have put together the first EPSO funding toolkit to help you with your proposals

We assembled on the EPSO members’ only website for you:

o    EPSO briefing on H2020 WPs 2016-17 (including hints from EPSO members and EC staff on ERC, Marie-Curie and Societal Challenge proposals), 11.12.2015

o    New: EPSO fact and policy document collection (links for you to find economic impact information, relevant EU policies to mention)

o    New: Draft report on the “Study on the economic, social and environmental value of plant breeding in the European Union”, by Steffen Noleppa (HFFA research paper), commissioned by Plant ETP, to be published in Feb’ 2016 at (until then use for your proposals only – e.g. impact section)

o    New: List of Dutch plant breeding companies interested to get involved in SC2 2016 proposals (only for EPSO members, do not publish)


Please access the package on the EPSO members’ only website via In case you forgot your access details or need to register as Personal Member for free as you are from an EPSO Institutional Member, pls contact to receive it.

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