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"Fascination of Plants Day" kick-off event in European Parliament, 9 May 2012

"Fascination of Plants - Opportunities for Europe"

Venue: European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, 9.5.2012

Outline of the event:

In Brussels at the European Parliament, to mark the European kick-off of the “Fascination of Plants Day”, Plant ETP (European Technology Platform Plants for the Future) organised on 9 May 2012, “Fascination of Plants – Opportunities for the Future”, a special event with interactive exhibitions that took place throughout the day.

The aim was to show how fascinating plants are and to highlight the extraordinary vital role of plants in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, the non-food sector and environmental conservation.

The whole event was a big success! Several Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) as well as guests to the parliament from academia, industry, farmers and policy visited the interactive exhibition. They discovered for instance how wheat was developed by man towards the bread wheat of today; how smart plant roots are and how equipment you may know from medicine is used by plant scientists to watch and improve root systems; what is molecular farming about; where does the taste of tomatoes come from and many more exciting experiments.

Three discussion sessions were the highlights: MEPs Giles Chichester, Britta Reimers, Mairead McGuinness and Godelieve Quisthoudt-Rowohl. Lauro Panella from the Cabinet Tajani / European Commission and representatives of the three major associations represented in the Plant ETP (ESA, Copa Cogeca, EPSO) presented their views on “The fascinating world of plant research”, “The extraordinary abilities of plants as primary producers of biomass for agriculture” and “Plant breeding – Starting point for a competitive European agri-food chain”.

In addition, we would like to thank for their inspiring talks and exciting exhibitions:  Ulrich Schurr, Eckhard George, Jose-Pio Beltran, Holger Spiegel and Karin Metzlaff from academia; Marcel Prins, Marc Cornelissen and Garlich von Essen from companies; Tina Barsby, Jean Claude Guillon and Pekka Pesonen from farmers; and all their colleagues!

Contact Silvia Travella (Plant ETP); Karin Metzlaff (EPSO) for more information.

Pictures: click here

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