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Plant Systems Biology Summer School, 12-16 September 2011, Venice, Italy

Elucidating gene regulatory networks is one of the key challenges facing plant science; an important challenge as predictive models of gene regulatory networks would enable dramatic advances in both translational crop and synthetic biology applications.

Changes in gene expression underpin every biological process in plants, from development to environmental stress responses. Gene expression can be regulated at many levels (for example, changes in chromatin, transcription, translation) and involves a complex network of interactions between and within modules. The ability to generate large-scale data sets drives the development of new mathematical tools for analysis and for understanding how a complex system behaves.

This summer school run by the University of Warwick will be a mixed program of research talks and workshops focused on different experimental and theoretical methods for elucidating gene regulatory networks. The school will also highlight the advantages of taking a systems approach to understand a complex process such as gene regulation, and the necessity of mathematical approaches to understand how emergent properties of such a system arise.

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