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PhD Summer School: 21 – 25 June 2010, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Sustainable production of biomass for bioenergy

What is it about?
The course will give students an understanding of how biomass is produced and converted to energy within a complex system of agriculture, forestry and the energy sector.

Students will get a thorough introduction to the fundamental aspects of biomass for energy:
· Biomass types
· biomass characterisation and recalcitrance
· bioenergy conversion technologies
· biomass production systems
· improved plant biomass.

Simply put, biofuels are made from biomass harvested from limited area. The land area of the planet is given and this area will in a near future have to provide food and other ecosystem services for up to 9 billion people. The course addresses some of the challenges in providing the needed biomass for food, feed and fuel in the future.

Four days of lectures, theoretical exercises, journal clubs and student poster resentations.
Taught and facilitated by experts from the University of Copenhagen and guest lecturers from industry and other universities in Denmark and abroad.
One day excursion where students get to grips with the realities of biomass for energy.

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

On-site program 21 – 25 June 2010.

One additional week of preparation before the must be expected. An essay on an individual topic chosen by course participants themselves to be submitted max 2 months after the on-site program.


7.5 ECTS

Pass/fail assessment based on active participation in the course and the approval of an essay submitted no later than 2 months after the course.


Registration information to come - but for further information, please contact course co-organizer Poul Erik Jensen.

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