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5th EPSO Conference: 29 August - 2 September, 2010, Finland


'Thank you!'

We would like to thank all participants, speakers, organisers and helping students of our 5th EPSO Conference in Olos, Finland. You have made the event a great success with thought provoking talks, debates and challenging questions. Most importantly the conference brought together plant scientists from diverse research backgrounds to inform, discuss and cooperate together for the common grand challenges ahead of all of us.

We would also like to thank the sponsors of the 5th EPSO Conference for their kind contributions.

Best wishes from Karin Metzalff (EPSO), Kirsi-Marja Oksman-Caldentey (VTT Finland) and the EPSO team

Post-Conference information - including available presentations from speakers:

Daily highlights from the conference


Image Gallery: Conference and Lapland

Send us your images - for display in here and/or in our future EPSO brochures and automatically enter our quarterly image competition!


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