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Algae World Summit, 17-19 May, US

Join us at this unique forum where key players in the algae industry --co-product algae purchasers, oil and chemical companies, utilities, industrial CO2 generators, wastewater treatment operators, algae technology developers, algae equipment suppliers, algae project developers, biofuels refiners, financiers, transportation companies and government representatives--will share the latest information on:

  • Their activities in support of the emerging algae industry
  • The key technical, financial and economic issues they are addressing
  • The relationships they are establishing to support the value chain

    Plus, Hear from More than 50 Key Organizatons, Including: Advisory One, LLC
    Airbus Americas
    Aquafauna Biomarine
    Arizona State University
    Biodiesel Industries, Inc.
    BioFuel Energy Corp.
    BP Alternative Energy
    Braemer Energy Ventures
    Burdock Group Consultants
    City of Sunnyvale Wastewater
         Treatment Plant
    CMEA Capital
    Earthrise Nutritionals
    Exxon Mobil Chemical
    Florida Power & Light
    FMC Biopolymer
    General Atomics
    General Motors
    Gilbert Arizona Treatment
    Glyos Biotechnologies
    Hamilton Clark & Co.
    HR BioPetroleum, Inc.
    Imperium Renewables
    IR1 Group
    Kai Bioenergy
    Kent BioEnergy Corporation
    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
    LiveFuels Inc
    Marathon Oil Corp.
    Mars Symbioscience
    Martek Biosciences, Boulder, CO
    Napa Valley Wastwater Plant
    Noventi Ventures
    OriginOil, Inc
    Praxair, Inc
    Renewable Energy Group, Inc
    Ron Henson Consulting Services
    Ronore Enterprises, Inc
    Royal Dutch Shell
    Scotia Capital
    Solix Biofuels Inc.
    US Department of Agriculture
    University of Arizona
    University of South Maine
    University of Minnesota
    US Department of Energy
    XL Renewables


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