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The ERC in FP7: practical information

ERC News:

Creation of the ERC

Two types of grants are available through the ERC:

  • ERC Starting Grants
  • ERC Advanced Grants.

Excellence is the sole selection criterion for allocation of these grants and is applied to the principal investigator, but also to the research project and the research environment.

ERC work programme 2009 (23/07/2008)
ERC work programme 2008 (29/11/2007)
ERC work programme 2007 (26/02/2007)

General principles of ERC funding schemes and application processes

ERC leaflet "Funding top research leaders for Europe" (06/2009)

ERC grant schemes - Guide for Applicants (07/2009)

Rules for the submission of proposals (11/2008)

Guide for grant holders: Part I & Part II (25/06/2008)

ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant

ERC-2010-StG – Deadline 18 November 2009 (Life Sciences)

ERC Advanced Investigator Grant

ERC-2009-StG_20081210 – Deadline 6 May 2009 (Life sciences) – Important note: single submission of a full proposal

  • Call fiche (19/11/2008)
  • Panel structure (24/07/08)
  • Guide for applicants
  • Guide for peer reviewers
  • List of panel members (17/03/2009)

ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant
ERC-2009-StG – Deadline 10 December 2008 (Life Sciences)

ERC Advanced Investigator Grant
ERC-2008-AdG_20080422 – Deadline 22 April 2008 (Life sciences)

ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant
ERC-2007-StG – Deadline 25 April 2007 (1st stage); 17 September 2007 (full proposal only for proposals retained at stage 1)

Guidance notes for preparing the grant agreement - draft version (14/01/2008)
Guide for peer reviewers (02/08/2007)
ERC guide for applicants (01/08/2007)
ERC grant agreement (16/04/2007)
List of panel chairs
List of panel members (29/06/2007)
Call fiche (22/12/2006)
Panel structure (07/11/2006)
From 2009 onwards, it is anticipated that both ERC grants will be the subject of annual calls.
ERC News from 26.04.2007 - 04.09.2009

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