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EPSO Young Plant Scientist Award


EPSO is happy to announce the two winners of the second EPSO Young Plant Scientist Award: Shumei WANG was selected on fundamental plant research and Andreas CARSTENSEN on applied plant research. EPSO initiated this award to encourage the development of ideas and imaginative thinking in the plant sciences. Shumei and Andreas will have the opportunity to present their research at the Plant Biology Europe EPSO/FESPB joint congress to be held in Copenhagen on June 17th – 21st 2018. 

The awards will cover registration (waived by the Local organizing Committee) and travel (economy, max. 400 € reimbursed by EPSO) to the meeting and will include the opportunity to present a lecture on the winner’s research (15 minutes) during a parallel session of the congress; each awardee will receive 200 € from EPSO. Applications were invited from PhD students working on either fundamental or applied aspects of research on plants. One award was offered in each category.

The selection criteria were:

  • The novelty of the idea or approach being taken
  • The potential of the research to improve understanding or outcomes in the selected field of plant science
  • The clarity with which the problem or research topic is conveyed to a non-specialist plant scientist.

We thank our distinguished jury members: Cathie Marin (Chair), Carole Caranta, Aldo Ceriotti, Alan Schulman and Tomas Vanek.

The two winners of the first EPSO Young Plant Scientist Award (in 2016) were:

  • Ruie LIU was selected on fundamental plant research and
  • Malaika K EBERT on applied plant research

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