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EPSO workshops - General outlines


  • Bring disciplines (and possibly technologies) together
  • Bottom-up
  • Multi-disciplinary (distant areas in plant science; plant science and other science disciplines) -> crossing borders between disciplines; bring scientists together who normally would not work together; sharing of know-how and resources; identify future joint R&D activities.

Submission of proposals

  • Scientists are invited to submit an outline for a workshop they would like to organise. Click here to submit a proposal.
  • Deadline for submitting a workshop for 2012 is 1 December 2011.
  • The EPSO board makes the final selection.


  • Each workshop can have 1-3 organiser(s)


  • Participants/speakers by invitation only, all expenses covered
  • The organisers submit a list of invited speakers who would be prepared to give talks if the workshop would be approved.
  • The organisers should bring visionary scientists together from only partly overlapping disciplines where collaborations would provide new frontiers in science and stimulate new interactions on the subjects discussed.


  • Max 40 participants (incl. organisers, speakers), all by invitation only


  • 2 days

Public information & Outcome

  • Organiser to write a white paper for EPSO
  • Abstract book, can be put online if wanted
  • Participants complete a questionnaire at the end of the workshop


  • Experience shows that workshop costs typically amount to about 20 000EUR. The maximum support provided by EPSO is 5 000EUR, therefore EPSO encourages workshop organisers to find financial support for the workshop. Should they not have other support, EPSO ask workshop organisers to submit a proposal to ESF Exploratory Workshops to finance most of the workshop costs. For more information on the submission procedure, click here.

Number of workshops per year

  • In a first phase we will have two workshops in the year when there is no EPSO conference and only one in the year when there is an EPSO conference.
  • At a later stage more workshops per year might be organized.


  • EPSO would appreciate opportunities to a fixed location to hold its workshops.

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