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EPSO EXPO Conference on Plant Breeding Techniques, CNR headquarters in Milano, Italy, 14 July 2015

European Commission Programme Conference organised by EPSO


Crop genetic improvement technologies for a sustainable and productive agriculture addressing food and nutritional security, climate change and human health


14 July 2015 09:00 – 16:00

CNR lecture theatre, Milano



European Plant Science Organisation



Thank you to all participants who helped make the event a success and who contributed to the high-quality and open discussions

  1. Opening Session: Karin Metzlaff; Uli Schurr; Bernt Mueller-Roeber
  2. Case Studies: Johnathan Napier; Joachim Schiemann; Richard Visser; George Coupland; Dani Zamir; Cristobal Uauy; Carole Caranta; Michele Morgante
  3. Stakeholders Views: Thor Kofoed; Garlich von Essen; Caroline Mahr; Annette Schneegans; Wayne Powell; Ruth Bastow
  4. Closing Slides



Please contact EPSO for any questions you may have about the conference.


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