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Environmental Issues WoGr

Environmental Issues - lead Christophe Plomion
Next activity: Input to WP 2013
Lukas Bertschinger,FDEA, CH
Oliver Brendel, INRA, FR
Christine Bunthof, WUR, NL
Lucia Colombo, Univ Milano, IT
Santiago Gonzalez-Martinez, INIA, ES
Felix Gugerli, Agroscope, CH t.b.c.
Olivier Honnay, Univ Leuven, BE
Colin Kelleher, NUI Galway , IE
Antoine Kremer, INRA, FR
Bruce Osborn, UCD, IE
Ivan Scotti, INRA, FR
Tomas Vanek, CZ
Giovanni Vendramin, CNR, IT

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