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Conditions of Personal Membership

Conditions of Personal Membership
Individual persons interested in plant science supporting the vision of EPSO and fostering its implementation are invited to become a Personal Member to EPSO. This invitation is open to all nationalities, professions, career stages and age groups world wide.
EPSO’s activities with exclusive access to Personal Members are the Bi-monthly Newsletter (only pages 1-2 are public), eligibility to apply for an EPSO conference support grant. Other activities important to Personal Members include the Online Portal - specifically Plant Science Activities, the e-directory of EPSO members, e-job listings. EPSO’s activities for institutional members will ultimately benefit Personal Members. Personal members benefit from being part of the worldwide EPSO network of over 3.000 personal members and about 28.000 persons at the EPSO institutional members institutes. Personal members can apply to become a member of one EPSO working group.
Personal Members contribute the Personal Membership Fee to EPSO. This is an annual fee according to the career state. Personal members are allocated to one of currently three categories: Professionals are people working in their profession; Post-docs are people with a PhD or Dr degree not working independently yet; and students are PhD students approaching a PhD or diploma degree, and undergraduate students approaching a bachelor, Master or Diploma degree; and school students. The Personal Membership Fee for Personal Members working in a members institute or university is waved.
Representation in Decision making bodies
Personal Members will have at least one representative to the General Meeting – the Annual Assembly of EPSO members subject to 500 Personal members not belonging to one EPSO institutional members.
Related clauses in the EPSO bylaws
• the applicant must be an individual person with an interest in plant science;
• a request for membership must be sent to the Executive Director of the organisation, who can grant a preliminary approval for membership which will be confirmed by the next Meeting of Board of Directors;
• the Board of Directors has full and final discretion to decide whether to admit a new member if an ordinary majority of the votes of the present or represented members agree;


Resignation and exclusion of members:
• A member can resign after giving 3 months notice to the Executive Director by registered mail. Notice starts on the date of the registered letter.
• The Board of Directors can exclude a member, if financial obligations are not met or a conflict of personal interest of the member to that of the organisation appears.
• Resigning or excluded members have no rights to the equity of the association.

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