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Senior University Lecturer in plant cell and molecular biology

Senior University Lecturer in plant cell and molecular biology

Umea University, Sweden


Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC) is an internationally recognized centre within the area of experimental plant biology. At UPSC, research on plant cell and molecular biology, in particular on forest trees, is a focus area. We develop aspen/hybrid aspen and spruce as model systems, but a lot of the research uses Arabidopsis as model system. The Department of Plant physiology is looking for a Senior University Lecturer in this area. Last day to apply is 2018-02-15.

Description of the position
The research at UPSC spans oven many disciplines; genetics, physiology, biochemistry, cell biology and molecular biology. A common goal is to understand the mechanisms behind plant development and adaptation to the environment. The holder of this position should perform independent research on plant cell and molecular biology or plant physiology, with focus on growth/biomass production. This could include research on factors governing photosynthesis or metabolism, shoot stem or root growth, questions dealing with biotic or abiotic stress, or similar. The research does not need to have a focus on trees, but should have relevance for biomass production in trees and it is an advantage, but not necessary, that it has synergy to and complements ongoing research at UPSC.

In addition, the tasks include leading and developing courses in this area at Masters and PhD level and on engineering programs in Biotechnology and Energy Technology. 

The position is a permanent position, and should be started on 1/1 2019 or upon agreement. A startup package will be provided.


More information to be found here

Umea University, SE

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