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Researcher precision agriculture

Researcher precision agriculture

Wageningen University, Netherlands


Precision agriculture is seen as an important vehicle to increase the profitability of farming, increase food security, and reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment. New knowledge is required to understand and respond to temporal and/or spatial variability in soils and crops. To derive practical benefits this knowledge needs to be operationalised, thus we work closely with farmers to develop practical systems for making and implementing decisions for increased profitability and reduced environmental impact. These systems necessarily consist of knowledge encoded as decision rules; an ICT infrastructure to collect, manage, and process data; and equipment capable of precise application of inputs (this includes automated machines and robotics). The candidate will work in this field within a multidisciplinary team of scientists, in strong interactions with stakeholders. Potato will be a focus crop.
Function Requirements

For this vacancy we look for a mid-career scientist with an appropriate PhD in plant science or a related field. Suitable candidates have a profound knowledge of the agronomy of crops, production systems, and smart farming. You have proven skills to publish in international peer-reviewed journals.

You have skills in crop growth modelling, databases and GIS and also experience in computer programming (much of our programming takes place in C#). We expect you to contribute to new developments, e.g. in Apps development, big data analytics and semantic technologies. Concretely, we expect candidates to be motivated by the opportinity to increase the efficiency with which resources such as energy, nutrients, water, land and labour are used, and to translate these opportunities into decision rules and other practical farming management tools which will be of direct value to stakeholders. Good communication and writing skils are important.


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Wageningen University, NL
Until filled

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