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Research Technician Agro-biotech

Research Technician Agro-biotech

VIB, Belgium


VIB is a life sciences research institute located in Flanders with about 1.500 scientists. Its Technology Transfer team is currently expanding translational capabilities to move VIB breakthroughs from academia to industry for development of new medicines (small molecules and biologics) and agrochemicals.

The VIB Discovery Sciences team works in close collaboration with VIB research investigators and VIB core facilities. The focus of the activities lies in:

  • Developing, optimising, and miniaturising assays
  • Conducting the early agrochemical compound discovery process, often in collaboration with the VIB Screening Core and/or external (industry) partners
  • Functionally characterising novel candidate molecules and demonstrating their efficacy in appropriate models

To support our Agro discovery projects, we are looking for a Research Technician Agro-biotech

This position is shared between the Agro-biotechnology branch of Discovery Sciences and the Screening Core, both located on our Ghent campus.


  • Plan, perform accurately, document thoroughly, and evaluate physiological, biochemical and cellular experiments with minimal supervision. Support/conduct data analysis and data visualisation, discuss results within the team, and elaborate next steps together.
  • Develop, optimize, and validate physiological, biochemical, and cell-based assays for high throughput screening as well as small scale experiments (targeted studies for functional validation of hit compounds).
  • Set-up and maintain cultures of yeast, plant and mammalian cell lines, and plant protoplasts.
  • For screening activities: prepare assay plates (distribute to microtiter plates, add compounds and reagents…), execute liquid handling steps using robotic systems.
  • General lab management: support logistics and product ordering; compound collection management; database management (register chemical and biological data).

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