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Research Scientist - inheritance, function and evolution of DNA methylation

Research Scientist - inheritance, function and evolution of DNA methylation

John Innes Centre, United Kingdom


Applications are invited for Postdoctoral Scientists to join the laboratories of Dr Daniel Zilberman and Prof Martin Howard at the John Innes Centre (JIC).

The Zilberman laboratory studies the inheritance, function and evolution of DNA methylation, a key epigenetic mechanism that regulates plant and animal gene expression. The Howard laboratory specialises in mathematical modelling of biological systems. The successful candidates will work on a project supported by the European Research Council to achieve a quantitative understanding of how nucleosomes, linker histones, and other chromatin components influence the accurate inheritance of DNA methylation patterns, and will work to identify new factors that regulate DNA methylation maintenance using Arabidopsis thaliana as the primary model. We expect, however, that the ideas that will be developed will be highly relevant to transcriptional control across eukaryotes.

Aspects of this project will involve genetic, genomic, biochemical, bioinformatic and mathematical modelling approaches; candidates interested in using some or all of these techniques to explore DNA methylation-based epigenetics are encouraged to apply. The successful candidates will have a PhD in Biological or Physical/Mathematical Sciences at the time of appointment with a high quality publication record. For candidates on the modelling side, prior experience in mechanistic modelling of biological systems is desirable but not essential.

JIC is an internationally-renowned plant and microbial biology research institute housing world-leading scientists and featuring state-of-the-art infrastructure. The Postdoctoral Scientists will benefit from training in the Zilberman and Howard laboratories, interactions with other JIC scientists, and career development programs available at JIC.


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John Innes Centre, UK

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