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Post-doctoral researcher Plant metabolomics

Post-doctoral researcher Plant metabolomics

Wageningen University, Netherlands



The project is centred around the crop white Asparagus and is focused on 1) advancing our knowledge of identifying the key metabolites present in the crop which contribute to flavour and fragrance; 2) determine which biochemical pathways are involved, where in the shoots these metabolites are produced and how production is influenced by e.g. genetics, shoot development and environment. You will use advanced metabolomics techniques based on state of the art GC-MS and LC-MS approaches followed by applying dedicated data processing, mining and statistical strategies. In a parallel project a PhD student shall be based at the Department of Food Processing Engineering who shall investigate how these compounds are influenced by different food processing technologies and to determine if / when key volatile components are lost and how this can be avoided. This project is co-sponsored by two industrial partners who will actively contribute both knowledge and materials to the project.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, highly motivated and already graduated Postdoctoral researcher in food or analytical (bio)chemistry, preferably with experience in metabolomics approaches. To qualify for the position your thesis must be on a relevant topic such as food chemistry, analytical chemistry, plant biochemistry, metabolomics using Mass Spectrometry based approaches. The candidate will work closely together with a PhD student based at Food Process Engineering.

The key activities are therefore: Mass spectrometry-based analysis of volatile and non-volatile metabolites in Asparagus, determining how metabolic profiles are influenced by plant physiology, genetics (variety), environment and, collaborating with a PhD student on how biochemical composition is influenced by contrasting processing treatments.

Function Requirements
  • A background and proven laboratory skills in some form of analytical biochemistry.
  • Knowledge of plant / food chemistry is desirable.
  • Candidate must already hold a PhD in a relevant field.
  • Fluency in English in both spoken and written form.
  • An enthusiastic team player!


More information to be found here

Wageningen University, NL

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