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PhD Student in Agroecology and Plant-Microbe Interactions

PhD Student in Agroecology and Plant-Microbe Interactions

University of Basel, Switzerland


The open position is within a project funded by the Syngenta foundation, where we seek to establish "bioirrigation" in millet - legume intercropping systems as a new and cost effective tool to stabilize and increase millet yields of small holder farmers in dryland agriculture. Bioirrigation will be achieved by deep rooted legumes that redistribute water from deep and moist soil layers to shallow and dry soil layers, from where it is transferred to shallow rooted millets via a common mycorrhizal network.
Your position
The candidate will perform experiments with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in different legume – millet intercropping systems under controlled conditions in the greenhouse at the University of Basel to test the significance of a common mycorrhizal network for bioirrigation. The candidate is also expected to participate for several weeks in agronomic field trials at the Agricultural University of Bangalore, India.
Your profile
We are looking for a dynamic, reliable and motivated student with a M.Sc./Diploma in biology, agriculture or related disciplines. Strong interest in microbial ecology, process-oriented research in physiological plant ecology and hands-on experiences with field work in tropical countries are beneficial. Teamwork within the group and project partners requires spoken and written English language skills.
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University of Basel, CH

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