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Brainstorm on Landscape Genomics


Timing and duration
7 April 2009


European Forestry House
Rue du Luxembourg 66, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Organising committee
Karin Metzlaff (EPSO, Brussels, Belgium)
Detlef Weigel (MPI Development Biology, Tübingen, Germany)
Simon Owens (Royal Botanical Garden, Kew, UK)
Rob Huxley (Natural History Museum, London, UK)
Outline of the workshop
The aim of the brainstorm on landscape genomics is to bring together ecologists, natural history collection experts and genomicists to discuss their ideas and needs for future collaboration and agree on next steps. This will include which role EPSO can play to facilitate this, possible recommendations for research programmes (FP7, national etc) and for networking support (COST etc). The 25 participants are experts from the three different disciplines, who are interested in a variety of topics, such as landscape genomics, including linking herbaria to DNA sample collections; wild relatives of crop plants; domestication of novel crops from wild species; and ecosystem fluxes. During the preparation and at a workshop for users of natural history collections in November 2008, it became obvious that there is high demand for such interaction. The conclusions of the brainstorm session will be posted on the EPSO website.
Programme, speakers and participants
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