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Welcome European Plant Science Organisation

European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO)

EPSO is an independent academic organisation that represents more than 220 research institutes, departments and universities from 31 countries in Europe and beyond. EPSO's mission is to improve the impact and visibility of plant science in Europe. Learn more about EPSO and why plants matter.

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 'This is our future, and we have to engage in it'.  At the 2013 EPSO AGM in Greece, EPSO representatives expressed their support in video statements.  Watch the final compilation.




  • [22.1.2018] EPSO: Updated Fascination of Plants Day Success Stories 2017. Over 1000 fascinating events were organised in 52 countries, inspiring worldwide interest in plant science. EPSO welcomes scientists, farmers, industry and educational institutions to join the next official FoPD around 18 May 2019.
  • [18.1.2018] PRIMA: Pre-announcement of PRIMA Calls, a new Partnership on Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area, including sustainable farming. Participating States: DZ, HR, CY, FR, DE, EL, IL, IT, LU, MT, PT, SL, ES, TR. Section 1 (18M€ budget) calls for Research & Innovation Actions (RIA) as defined by H2020, pre-proposal deadline 17.4.2018. Section 2 (32M€ budget) calls for RIAs with national rules, pre-proposal deadline 27.3.2018.
  • [18.1.2018] European Court of Justice (ECJ): Advocate General’s Opinion in Case C-528/16 (regarding mutagenesis and the Genetically Modified Organisms Directive). – Press Release in EN; Opinion in EN
  • [10.1.2018] Scientists call for GMO opt-in option: The EC should “develop a Directive for individual member states to authorize cultivating a GM crop in their territories after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has concluded that the GM crop in question is as safe as the organism from which it is derived” to overcome problems of the current regulatory system. Article in Nature Bioechnology. Press release in EN, DE.
  • [19.9.2017] EPSO: Position on the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, FP9, welcoming the continued inclusion of the successful Excellent Science pillar in FP9, and setting out our position for research priorities and mechanisms to engender a mission-based approach to close the research and innovation cycle through increasing support for collaborative basic research, encouraging increased levels of trans-disciplinarity and emphasising the importance of plant science in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • [15.9.2017] EPSO: Opinion on the SAM Explanatory Note on New Techniques in Agricultural Biotechnology, welcoming the science based view on applications and implications including risk and benefits. EPSO calls for urgent action to promote progress in plant science and commercial breeding in Europe to meet challenges for agriculture in due time. EPSO encourages the European Commission to develop options regarding the regulation of new techniques in agricultural biotechnology. EC Explanatory Note, 28.4.2017.

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EPSO is an independent academic organisation currently representing 61 institutional members bringing together more than 204 research institutes, departments and universities from 29 countries in Europe and beyond.