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2nd EPSO Conference 2004, Italy

“Interactions in Plant Biology: cells, plants and communities”, 10-14 October 2004, Ischia (Naples), Italy

We would like to thank all participants of the 2nd EPSO Conference for making it a big success. With amazing talks ranging from “apples in the universe”, the secret of the “insect’s spit” to “microRNAs”, challenging questions from the participants, uncountable inspiring discussions outside the lecture hall, “insider” club discussions surrounding the posters …. Lively debates on science policy and the interaction between science and society …. Last but not least we all enjoyed the flair of the Mediterranean Sea and especially the excursion on and around the island of Ischia.

Organising committee: Karin Metzlaff (EPSO) & Paolo Costantino ( Istituto Pasteur Fondazione Cenci Bolognetti, Università La Sapienza, Rome)

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